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Heart Month

A Heart Dad’s Perspective

My name is Rob, and my son Branden was born with Serve Aortic Stenosis Bicuspid Valve. Partly because of this condition, he is shorter than kids his age. I’m not the tallest fellow myself and I’ve tried to allow him the confidence in his height – no matter what it may be. I’m told often – much more often than I am told with my other kids that he looks a lot like me.

Which is curious and more than a little bit funny, because he is my step son.

Now we tend not to use the word “step” in our house. Branden is now almost 17 and I have been Dad since he was 6. We have a typical father/teen relationship. By this of course I mean he gets repetitive strain injuries from rolling his eyes at me almost hourly.

Moms, all mom’s, deserve so much more credit than they get. But Heart Mom’s deserve an extra flower, an extra hour of sleep, an extra long hug of support and understanding at Valentine’s Day I feel. How my wife, as a single mother dealt with surgeries, work, temperamental toddlers, etc I will likely never understand but I will always, ALWAYS appreciate.

But let’s not forget the Dad’s either. I may have been Dad for a wee bit less time than she’s been Mom, but I also CHOSE to be the father of a Heart Warrior. Whether by choice, or by design – fathers, grandparents, siblings, neighbours and more all contribute to the daily conditions of having a heart kid.

Sometimes, it’s easy to focus on the negatives … oh it is so easy … but there are also so many positives that a family can focus on as well. To help me focus on this I have created a “Pride Journal” for each of my 6 kids.

A few years back I went to the local stationary store, bought uniform books and since have been writing those moments of pride in my kids. My kids aren’t aware of the books … I hope the first “volumes” will be ready to share with them in a year or so and by then there will be about 4 years worth of special moments.

It’s easy during or after surgery to get lost or lose track of those moments of intense pride when things become stressful.  These books help me keep track of those special moments. First goals, good humour after surgery, character development and more – pride in your children can come in many forms.

I have written of Branden’s patience with his sisters, (he is the oldest of six and the only boy), I have written of his jokes when finished a major sugery, I even wrote of Branden’s first roller coaster ride last spring when finally given the opportunity – and although he was terrorized and likely will not ever go near another one – he can cross this off his list. He did it. He was brave, he took it as a personal challenge. Like so many other challenges in life, he climbed that mountain, and firmly planted the flag at the peak to say he did it.

Every Heart Kid has peaks and valleys. As does every relationship within families with Heart Kids as well. This is why it is so very important to recognize those moments of pride, love, and respect.

So with Valentine’s Day upon us, I encourage every Heart Family member out there to show pride. Show pride in their Warrior, show pride in the loved ones who support you. And, I personally, would like to write, however inadequately, that I have pride in all of you as well.

Not even sure I should post what I wrote as his is from the heart and mine more of a business plan, but I guess in some ways it good to write in both thoughts.


February the month of love, the month of romance. This is what February means to most people. The excitement of Valentine’s Day, where is he going to bring you for supper, what’s he going to get you? This is what we look forward to as young teens, adults, even when you become a mom and get a night away. It’s the month your child works hard at school on heart crafts, stories about friends and math sheets with little hearts on them. Kids look forward to handing out Valentines cards to their classmates and a party at the end of the day. Maybe they made a gift of love for you. If your  in older grades you look forward to the dances and hanging out with friends. It’s really the month of hearts, pink or red hearts are everywhere.

For heart moms in the last 5 years or more, February isn’t just the month of Valentine’s Day it is also the month of CHD awareness. No other month would be better for such a cause then February.

With more and more babies and children being affected by CHD in part the wonderful world of social media, have allowed us heart parents to share our experiences, our joys and our heartache. We aren’t alone anymore. We have each other, we open our arms and hearts and families to pregnant mom carrying future heart warriors. It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone else to talk to.  Someone who gets your fears. Someone who are already been through the same steps as you have.

Because of the social media such as facebook we have been able to get in touch with heart families around North America. We have seen other people step forward to ask their cities, towns, provinces, states to declare the week of Valentines as CHD awareness week and February 14th as CHD day. The more areas that declare the more media that takes a interest in sharing the more knowledge the rest of the world will have an understand or have a small view in what our amazing heart warriors have gone through, the more knowledge people will have about CHD. Knowledge is a powerful thing. It only takes one person to start and other to follow until we are all over the media and have big function  to support and promote CHD like other illness.  It takes community to raise a child it takes a world to raise a heart child.


Heighington-Ridley family

Shannon is a regular blogger for Cardiac Kids, her husband Rob was inspired to write his post in honour of heart month and the amazing sacrifice heart moms make for their families.