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I am a 37 year old (as of March 2015) resident of Newmarket Ontario who became a Heart-Dad back in 2009 with the birth of my son, Alexander. During the time since, my wife and I have travelled the same path as many other heart parents as Alexander has progressed through the Fontan surgical path. Alex’s specific diagnosis is “Right Atrial Isomerism”, one of the more rare and complex forms of congenital heart disease. His Glenn/Coles was performed in November of 2009, his Fontan in October of 2011, and an unexpected Fontan revision was performed in August of 2013. Despite some occasional rhythm complications, Alexander has done remarkably well with his condition, and much of our time is really quite “normal”.

My wife and I also have another child, Alexander’s amazing older sister who turns ten this year.

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I find the exercise of organizing my thoughts and expressing them in this way to be very cathartic. I typically find my inspiration from a retrospective look at events that have unfolded to find the small miracles that occurred, often oblivious to us at the time. I’m also inspired by the courage and grace that children often show us as they deal with health issues that would terrify most adults in their shoes.

Most of all, I’m inspired by our group of heart-families, especially our heart-kids and their siblings who carry a weight few understand, and are still able to smile in the face of uncertainty.

I can be reached by email at


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