About Cardiac Kids

Please take a moment to watch our video to learn more about what we do:

Cardiac Kids is a volunteer group established in 2000 to raise funds for children who are suffering from congenital heart disease. One in 100 Canadian children are born with a congenital heard defect (CHD) and more than half need surgery to survive. More than half of the patients who require surgery are under one year old, and almost a quarter are less than a month old. Congenital Heart Defects are the most common birth defect.

Funds raised by Cardiac Kids are used to support the children and staff of the cardiology ward at The Hospital for Sick Children through two main areas of focus:

1.    Emotional health and well being of children and families affected by CHD

Through research doctors have developed many tools and techniques to help children with CHD to survive and liver longer lives. Cardiac Kids recognizes that care doesn’t end once the child leaves the hospital and that families affected by CHD face many challenges. We remain committed to supporting children and families by providing fun and social opportunities, connecting families experiencing similar challenges, and funding educational events for parents.

2.    Pediatric cardiology nursing

Cardiac Kids is a strong supporter of pediatric cardiology nursing education, with the aim of providing the best possible care for children who must undergo cardiac treatment. To that end, each year scholarships and conference funding are provided to Cardiac Program nurses to maintain their position at the leading edge of pediatric cardiology nursing.

About this Blog  

This blog was created with the aim of connecting heart families around the world, as well as raising awareness for congenital heart disease, the most common birth defect, affecting 1 in 100 children worldwide. The authors of this blog are a group of moms, each with their own unique story, but with one very important thing in common, they are all parents of children with serious and complex congenital heart defects. I encourage you to take a moment to check out the “Heart Moms” section of this site to read each of their bios and learn a little bit about who they are. Through the pages of this blog, they will be sharing their lives and their stories, you will get to know them and their families. If you are a heart family, hopefully reading this blog will allow you the opportunity to connect with families facing similar challenges, to learn and share, and most importantly to know that you are not alone. If you are not a heart family, thank you for your interest and I hope you will continue to visit, read and understand the many challenges faced by these incredibly courageous families, and hopefully join us in spreading the very important message of awareness.



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